Welcome to Rustyland!

Hey there!

Welcome to my website.

I'm Rusty McMann, porn performer and escort.  I'm also quite a few other things, but let's face it:  you're here to perv -- and that's an extremely valid lifestyle choice.

So to cut to the chase:  there is LOTS of adult content on this website.  We're talking full frontal nudity, and big hairy men engaging in graphic sexual activity (usually with other big, hairy guys, but sometimes with other guys too -- but ALWAYS with other guys).  If this is the thing that turns you on, then by all means come on in and have a field day.

HOWEVER.  If you're not the type of person who likes this kind of thing, or if you are not of legal age to view such materials, or even if you're just some garden variety Million Mom prude looking for something to offend you, then PLEASE.  LEAVE. NOW.  Try going here.  or here.  or maybe even here.  I don't really care where you go, as long as you go away and leave me alone.

As for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy yourselves.  And maybe buy some porn.  And maybe even hire me for a few hours of companionship.



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