Making an Appointment

Most guys who ask me how they should make an appointment are really asking about having a conversation that stays within the bounds of the law.  So here's what I got:

When you call, text, or e-mail me, please understand that all I will agree to is spending time with you for a fee.  If you ask about hiring me for any kind
of sexual activity, I will not agree to that.  If you persist, I will assume you are a vice cop running a sting and hang up on you.  That's the short version.  Here's the long version, in case you're interested.

It is widely -- and mistakenly -- believed that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas.  Prostitution is legal in one or two counties in Nevada, but not here.  In Clark County it is against the law to agree to exchange any kind of sexual activity for money or anything of value.  Money does not even have to change hands for a crime to be committed; the agreement itself is what can get one arrested.  And the Clark County police make arrests all the time.  They even run stings, because there are apparently no real crimes being committed around these here parts...

Escorting -- charging and/or paying for time and companionship -- is perfectly legal.  So there's nothing wrong with hiring someone (like me, for example) to come to your hotel room and spend some time with you.  You can explain to the person you're hiring what your desires and fantasies are, as long as no one agrees to fuck for money.  And I will never agree to have sex with you for money, because 48 hours in the Clark County Detention Center was quite enough thank you very much.

So...  If you know you're going to be in Las Vegas or you see that I'm going to be in your part of the world, by all means feel free to contact me and see if we can get together.  My schedule is usually pretty flexible so I'll always do my best to make it work.  And please do not hesitate to call me on short notice.  It usually takes me about an hour to get cleaned up and get anywhere in Las Vegas, but still:  over 95% of my business comes in at the last minute and it does not insult me to suggest I might be free on the spur of the moment.  If I have a commitment I can't break, the worst that can happen is I'll say I can't make it.  So what have you got to lose?


Bargaining is one of those things that most people are either too shy to initiate or too clumsy to do without pissing off the other guy.  Some guys are afraid to offer me anything less than my full hourly for fear of insulting me; other guys open the conversation by asking for two hours for the price of one (which I don’t recommend).  I spent 3 years as a caterer in Hollywood, so trust me:  I know how to bargain.  I happen to be the product as well as the salesman, but I’m still running as small business, and I know what I’m doing (and how low I'm willing to go).

As a rule of thumb, the first hour is non-negotiable; after that, almost everything is open to discussion.  My standard rates are $150/hr and $750 for an overnight.  I know what my time is worth, and I also know what it’s like to go shopping on a budget.  You can rest assured that I’m not going to spend all night haggling, but if for some reason you can't (or don't want to) pay my advertised rates, you need to know exactly what you want to spend and then make me an offer.  The same goes for multi-day trips:  airfare, lodging and meals are non-negotiable, but the fee for my time is open to discussion – up to a point.  So make an offer and we’ll take it from

A Word About Tipping

Sometimes a tip is a thank you for a job well done; and sometimes a tip is a bribe for next time.  Regardless of your motivation, a little bit extra is rarely expected but always appreciated.

Let me put it this way:  if someone asks me to go above and beyond the basics of our agreement (like stop by CVS on the way to your hotel or come to you at 3:00 AM) and you don't show your appreciation I probably won't be likely to do you any favors in the future.  That's fair enough, right?

And yes, a joint is a perfectly acceptable tip.