Photography Credits

"Work with me, baby!"

A lot of the photos on this site are publicity stills from the porn I've made, and a few are quick snapshots that friends have taken when we were out and about.  In addition, though, I have had the great fortune of modelling for some top-notch photographers across the continent.  If you find yourself in need of new pictures (and you're anywhere nearby) do yourself a favor and hire one of these guys.


Li Su

Atlanta, GA

I first met Li Su on Facebook, and since we lived on opposite sided of the country we chatted for years before meeting in person.  He's taken some of my favorite pictures of myself and LOTS of really hot pictures of some very woofy men.

click here to check out his website


Will D'Angelo

Las Vegas, NV

Will is a local Las Vegas photographer who is just as skilled at shooting nature and doing work for catalogs as he is taking sleazy portraits in his subject's dungeon.  He's also really fun to work with... on a totally professional basis, of course.

check out his online shop



Christian Serrano Meyer

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Christian has only recently started focusing on his photography, but OMG he has a fantastic eye and is an expert at the re-touching.  I have never been so happy with so many pictures from one session.

check out his Facebook page


Jet Fandialan

New York, NY

I've know Jet since I lived in New York and he was just a young dude exploring the big city.  Since then he's taken LOTS of really hot pictures of me and quite a few interesting shots of other people and places

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Christopher N. Ferreria

San Diego, CA

Christopher Ferreria is a San Diego-based artist and educator who works in photography, installation, public art collaborations, and design.  He is also a sweet, generous, charming and sexy dude.

check out his website



Turbo PX

Phoenix, AZ

Friend, fan, and photographer Mahlon Lovell has shot some very impressive portraits of me, both inside and out.  He's also a very sweet guy and great to work with.  You can almost always find him at one gay rodeo or another, so put on your cowboy hat and boots and smile for the camera!

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