Fucks Across America

The Pictures

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Fucks Across America

The Plan

A friend from Australia came to the US for TBRU and asked me if I'd go with him on a road trip from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale.  After a little bit of thought, I decided we'd use my car, which means I'd be driving to Dallas.  Then I realized driving one way across the continent meant driving back and that's when the FUCKS ACROSS AMERICA road trip was born.

So I left Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 16 and I drove east until the sun went down.  I took the detour through the Painted Desert and it was fantastic.  I highly recommend it, and pictures don't do it justice so I'm not even going to try.   TBRU was in Dallas through mid-day on Sunday the 21st when my Australian friend and I left for Austin.  It was raining so I didn't get to take in Hippie Hollow or see the bats.

After that, we got to Fort Lauderdale for Friday May 26th.  What happened on the road was the stuff of pornographic fantasies, including my cum shooting out of a dude's nose while he blew me in the cab of his truck, a three-way in a storage locker, and some exquisite foot worship while in a 5-star hotel in New Orleans.  I expect I'll be writing things up in detail before long...

Keep checking back because there WILL be pictures!!


Fucks Across America

The Routes

The way east is already set, more or less:  Las Vegas to Dallas to Fort Lauderdale.  Plus we'll be stopping in Austin because I want to see the bats.

The return trip is still up in the air and will be determined by how long my funds hold out and what income-generating opportunities (i. e. appointments and such) turn up along the way.  Still, unless something REALLY BIG comes along, I'll take a southern route home.

PLEASE NOTE:  Except for my return date (I need to be back in Las Vegas by June 9), NONE OF THIS is carved in stone and ALL OF IT is subject to change at any moment.  So feel free to invite me to your town.

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